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  • Georgina Sasha | My Dreamy Boho Beach Whimsical Wedding 1.7.15
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    My Dreamy Boho Beach Whimsical Wedding 1.7.15

    Such a long title for this post! But every word is true! Sorry about that. LOL! Arlene, our wedding photographer that I booked a year before our wedding gave me the word “whimsical” after the event. And so it happened.

    I can’t believe it has been a year! Today is our first anniversary of our second wedding in Acuatico Beach Resort Batangas, Philippines. I haven’t really shared much of my story on this blog because I spend much of my work time replying to your email inquiries regarding my shop (LOL) and there is always no time left for a blog post! But because today is an important day, I decided to write this. I want to share a little portion of my life with you as I welcome 2016, and because my wedding suppliers deserve to be praised. They did a magical job! Make sure to scroll down to the bottom because I linked them on this blog post! Please do hire them if you need them. Every single one of them is amazing!

    Since this is our second wedding, we didn’t buy another expensive ring and we wanted this day to be feeling like a fantasy. These rings are made of spoon, handmade by one of my favorite artists, Mallory. She is very free-spirited and she radiates good vibes on my Instagram feed all the time! Follow her @mal_wingostarrjewelry – I remember when I first met her, she had 6k followers… and look at her now! Yay! Hey Mal, if you’re reading this, your talent speaks for itself! So proud of you! {insert clap emoji here} And oh, the name engraved is a long story so I won’t even waste your time there!

    I hate my feet… I think they are fugly. LOL! But you also need to see this piece of art that Mallory exclusively made for me. I didn’t want to wear fancy shoes and preferred to feel the sand on my toes instead. The dirt was worth it! I wish I can take the Philippine’s gorgeous beach with me to the states!

    This view and the smell of salt water are just some of the things I really miss!

    Dreamcatcher barefoot sandals made by Mallory. Woopsies again, sorry about my feet! 😛

    The struggle on which earrings I should wear on that day. Haha! I didn’t even plan on what type of earrings I should wear! What kind of a bride am I? LOL! I focused too much on my wedding DIY stuff such as my flower crown that you see on me, bridesmaids pouches or other burloloys of my entourage, and of course how our guests would enjoy the day!

    The bohemian vibes theme has always been my dream.

    Thank you so much Lai for implementing this fairyland wedding. I know it wasn’t easy working with me for months especially I am oceans away! I adore the patience (lalo na ang kulit ko hehe). Everything I envisioned became a reality because of your unexplainable talent. You are a blessing!

    Visit my wedding stylist’s website www.madebylai.net. She also posted all her works from our wedding on her blog.

    Thank you to my hair and makeup Ate Mabeth kahit last minute ang galing galing nyo! :)

    I made my bouquet out of sola flowers. The brown ones I rolled out of a burlap fabric to turn them into rustic roses and added some pearls on it. I believe the process of DIYing this bouquet should be blogged too! I put a lot of love and sweat into it! Hehe. So I decided not to throw my bouquet at the end of the ceremony. I think it’s too cheesy. I would rather keep this and display in our bedroom on top of my dream dresser!

    Yes, the trinkets you see above were all made with love by me. :)

    Even all the flower crowns! I remember my Lola visited me in Vegas to help me braid some of the crowns. Sweet!

    Thank you friends for doing this for me! You all looked super beautiful little Thumbelinas, oh woops… I meant fairies! *dreamy eyes*

    Photos by Arlene and her team. I hunted her down for months! I was so happy to finally see her on our wedding day (for the first time! Crazy right?). It was easy working with her overseas. Thank God for talented people like her. Arlene, your photos turned out to be oozingly magical and exceeded my expectations! Salamat muli!

    More on my supplier’s websites:

    Event Stylist – Made by Lai

    Photographer – Arlene Briones from The Perfect Grey Photography

    Videographer (same day edit) – Jake Olaso

    Lastly, super thank you to my one and only Ate Cham, my Maid of Honor who turned out to be our last minute Wedding Coordinator with her team. So sorry Ate sa stress!

    The story behind this pre-wedding stress (a day before the big day) coming up next

    • Lux
      Posted at 10:40h, 07 January Reply

      OMG the photos are beautiful!!!!! –esp like the first one :) <333 Lovely dream wedding!!!! Happy for you bax!! :) Yayy xx

      • Georgina Sasha
        Posted at 02:04h, 08 January Reply

        Thank you so much Pangz!!! You’re such a sweetheart! Miss ko na kayo!!! More photos to come! I would love to share them all! Ang dami lang masyado! Hahaha

    • Marlyn Estrera
      Posted at 11:56h, 07 January Reply

      It was whimsical alright, but much more than that…it was MAGICAL!!! All the right ingredients came to play — a lot of nature, a dash of sand, a splash of the ocean and a heap full of LOVE!!! It’s a wedding you’d want to do over and over again, but for now, the memory lives in our hearts.

      Happy Anniversary Gin & Erich!!

      • Georgina Sasha
        Posted at 01:58h, 08 January Reply

        Aww… Tita Marl this is so sweet! Thank you!!! Means a lot! At least the wedding stress paid off! Dapat maulit muli! Hehe.

      • Luvy T. Estrera
        Posted at 02:24h, 08 January Reply

        Very well said, Marlyn…truly magical!

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